Monday, June 7, 2010

From the Desk of Mike Hawes

I had the opportunity to stop by the Spruce Kings office earlier today, well actually it was designed as I wanted to talk to the hockey operations staff about some of the latest news surrounding the team and the league.

This past weekend marked the BCHL AGM and I'm told it covered a lot of league business and planning for the future. It also covered the usual items such as reviewing proposed rule changes and drafting up the coming schedule. Much of the meeting is about getting the chance to meet as representatives of the individual teams without the distraction of competitive games getting in the way.

On June 1st, Hockey Canada released to the teams their allotment of cards so that teams could go out and start actively filling spots for the 2010-11 season. The process of recruiting is an ongoing process that is completed when a player signs one of the cards belonging to a team. For players it adds security in knowing where they will be playing to start the coming season and for teams it is a chance to breathe a little easier knowing that the players they want to build around are in place.

That is where I started my conversation with Mike Hawes, the assistant general manager and director of player personnel for the Spruce Kings. With the announcement last week of the signing of four players, I asked Mike about the players and what qualities they bring to the Spruce Kings.

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