Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haunted House

All this week there is a special treat for the tricksters that come out at this time of the year. The old abandoned Saan store on the Hart Hwy has been taken over by an old hag, her pet, a number of creatures and an assortment of beings normally found in horror flicks. The Haunted House or rather the House of a 1000 Souls II is back this year and is creepier than ever.

If you haven't been before, or even if you have, you should check out the Haunted House that features a number of creaks, squeaks and things that go bump in the night that will give the hair on the back of your neck a rise, put goosebumps on your arms and get your heart racing just a little bit more than normal. The people behind the Haunted House have done a spectacular job, or rather spooktacular job, and left very little out.

All of your senses will get a chill and a thrill from the moment you step into the darkness from the outside. The visual elements are stunning with the use of lights, shadows and bog fog. As you stand outside the entrance to the house you will hear spine tingling screams over top of the eerie sounds of a truly horrific place reminiscent of an early horror movie.

The theatrical ambiance encompasses the entire 1500 square foot area of the once innocent family clothing store. Entering the rickety old house seems safe enough at first, but don't be too brave and don't think you can be cautious enough either. There are horrific sights and sounds at every corner waiting for you. Just when you think you've made it into a safe area, that's when you'll let your guard down and become the next victim of the residents of the Haunted House.

There is enough horrors in the house to get under the skin of the bravest of souls with corpses that come to life and turns that take you right into the mouth of fear itself. When you're looking to your left and to your right, don't forget to look behind you because the shadows have eyes too. Be careful also not to step on the Old Hag's pet ... a highly disturbing creature that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your very psyche.

a highly disturbing creature will greet you when you least expect in the House of 1000 Souls II

The master minds behind the Haunted House have left very little out and deserve to be credited for all their hard worked volunteer hours spent setting up the elaborate Haunted House and the Killmore Karnival. Pat and Dave Wenger, Michael Pockett and Barry Williams put their love for the scariest season of them all together and came up with a winner for the residents of Prince George as well as one non-profit group.

The Faternal Order of the Eagles are the big beneficiaries in this group effort as all proceeds from the Haunted House go to them this year. There is a small admission of $5.00 for all who want to brave the trip through the Haunted House, but it is well worth the cost. The creatures that wander the Haunted House are volunteers from around the city and include players from the Prince George Spruce Kings hockey club, some of which were fortunate enough to see the transformation of the Saan store first hand.

The Haunted House runs nightly from 5pm til 9pm with a special opening time on Saturday and Sunday of noon. On Saturday night there will also be a Masquerade Ball afterwards. For more information on the Haunted House you can call or text the Old Hag at 250.981.2565. The Haunted House is suitable for all ages and is also handicap accessible.

Members of the Spruce Kings just before they headed inside the Haunted House

Isaac Davies (middle) and Kirk Thompson (right) didn't see the troll behind them

A gargoyle stands guard at the entrance to the property that the Haunted House is on

The Old Hag's pet patrols the Haunted House keeping an eye on everybody

Alex Wright tries to figure out what is in the Yuk Buckets

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