Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Last Look Back

It truly has turned in to a memorable season so far, but the message I'm hearing today from the office and even in the dressing room is that was just the regular season and the playoffs are a whole new game. It might be cliche for sure, but it is also true. Getting to the post season is just that, getting to play a few more games. The real test is take all the good that happened in the regular season and parlay that into four more wins before your opponent does the the same thing.

Heading into the regular season, the Spruce Kings were ruled out of making the playoffs by a few people but there were just as many determined to make it happen this year. I had an opportunity to sit down and talk to one of those people, the architect of this year's team. He won't say that because he believes it was a collaborative effort that encompasses the scouts that live many miles away right up to the trainers, volunteers and even the fans of the team.

Mike Hawes put in many hours over countless days looking for the right people to come in and make something out of what was really nothing for the previous two seasons. In my conversation he talks about player acquisitions that started over a year ago when he first took on the role of the team's full time General Manager. He talks about the coaches, the marketing team, the corporate supporters and the hockey fans in Prince George.

In the first of a two part feature interview with the Spruce Kings General Manager, I start by asking Mike Hawes if he thinks this season can be called a success.

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