Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trade Deadline

Jarryd Ten Vaanholt was a trade deadline acquisition last year

It is that time of the year again - when teams go looking for a puzzle piece for the big playoff push and players worry about whether or not they are on the move. Trade deadline can be a stressful time for some and a source of excitement for others. One thing is for sure and that is change is inevitable on this day.

I have my thoughts on the trade deadline especially when it comes to players and its simple - embrace change. Player trades in the junior ranks is simply a part of the game. For most players, especially those that will play two or more seasons, chances are you are going to have more than one team on your resume. And you certainly will have long list of team mates that have more than one team on theirs.

My only other comment on trades is that I have no desire to speak on player trades made by other teams. Why teams trade for one player or another is completely up to them and I think it is up to those teams to disclose of the details in a way they see fit. Like everybody else, I will look back on a trade and evaluate on its impact, but I'm in no position to say whether a trade is good or bad at the time it is made.

I also want to advise those looking for details on any transaction that may include the Prince George Spruce Kings - there will be no information released until Friday January 11th at 10am. This includes a post on this blog, a tweet or a Facebook comment.

There are really two reasons for this, one being that I am traveling with the team today down to the Fraser Valley for a pair of games this weekend and the other is a League regulation. The BCHL governors all agreed a few meetings back that it was in the best interests of all parties involved that teams be given enough time to contact players involved in transactions so that they were hearing it from the teams and not through the media first.

Personally I like that; even though it is easier said then done. In some cases, the players themselves are the ones to first put the information on their Facebook pages and twitter accounts. I come from a media background and trust me I know how important it is to get the scoop and break the news, but in this case, when dealing with young adults, it is best to err on the side of caution first.

Now all that said, I really don't know what to expect today. The Spruce Kings will board the bus for Chilliwack late in the morning and travel through the afternoon and early evening. During this time there will be messages sent back and forth electronically of player transactions throughout the League, but I honestly can't say whether or not one or more will involve the Spruce Kings.

I'm not ruling out any possibility and for sure there is a need to resurrect team offense, but that could come internally with Lyndon Martell now skating with the team and the recent arrival of David Stephens. The passing of the trade deadline will also do wonders to relax the grip on the stick of a few forwards that have been nervously checking the clock and wondering if their time is up in a Spruce Kings jersey.

Other teams might be looking for a piece from Prince George that they think will compliment their roster now while enticing Mike Hawes with a piece for his roster next year. Hawes has shown over his time as the team's general manager that he has an eye for players and has done a great job shaping this team.

The Hockey Canada Roster Deadline is 6pm Pacific for any transactions involving teams from separate leagues and 8pm for teams making trades within the BCHL. The January 10th trade deadline reduces the number of player cards available to 22 in the BCHL and 23 to the rest of the Junior A teams in the other Canadian Junior Hockey Leagues.

Whether there is a move made today or not, it will be the right thing for the Prince George Spruce Kings and I look forward to the conclusion of this regular season. Twenty games to go, seventeen of them are against divisional opponents starting with the first of six remaining meetings against the Chilliwack Chiefs on Friday night.

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