Thursday, October 15, 2015

Liquor Sales at the Coliseum

As you may already know, City Council  has approved the selling of alcohol at the Coliseum with the stipulation that some sections be set aside for families and fans where alcohol will not be permitted.

After a careful evaluation, it was determined that sections 11 and 12 (please see attached floor plan) would be best suited to being designated as “alcohol free.”  If you are a Season Ticket Holder in one of these sections but would prefer seats in a section where alcohol is permitted or if you have seats in sections where alcohol is permitted but would prefer to be in a section where alcohol is not permitted, please contact our office to exchange your seats.

To avoid delays, we ask that you contact our office (250.564.1747) on non-game days.

The serving of alcohol is a necessary step in helping us meet ever increasing expenses and maintaining ticket prices that are affordable for all our fans. While this is a welcomed change for most of our fans, we respect the fact that it is of concern for a few. We can assure all our fans that alcohol will be served in a responsible manner and that maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere is our primary goal.

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