Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sean Landrey and Trevor Esau Post Camp Interviews

Sean Landrey (left) and Trevor Esau in a puck pursuit
battle at the Spruce Kings Intra-Squad Game
Sean Landrey is a 1993 born forward from Prince George who stands 6' 4" and 210 lbs. Landrey played last season with the Prince George Midget Tier 1 team and also suited up for the Spruce Kings as an affiliate player in seven games picking up a goal and an assist.

Landrey, who has committed to the Spruce Kings for this season, opened up the scoring at today's annual Blue vs White Intra Squad game. He also used his big frame to be notice throughout. I caught up with Prince George's own Sean Landrey after the game to talk about his new team going forward. Sean started by telling me what it was like to finally get onto the ice for some game action ...

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Trevor Esau is one of five regular returning players to the Spruce Kings line up. Esau played 51 games last year notching 9 assists. Trevor stands 6'4" weighing in at 210 pounds, but believe it or not, he is not the biggest defenceman this year on the roster. Esau is a part of a roster that see's most of the Spruce Kings back end stand taller than 6'2".

It's a definite change from last season and that is something Esau touched on in our interview after the Intra Squad game. I started by asking him how he prepared and what he worked on during the offseason ...

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