Monday, July 6, 2015

Returning Faces: Braiden Epp

After managing 14 points in his first full season, Braiden Epp exploded last year, racking up 43 points in 53 games, and finished tied for second in the entire BCHL with 14 power play goals! Like most players, Braiden is expecting to only get better, and since he was born in Prince George, playing in his hometown is extra special.

Braiden talked over the phone about what winning Game 6 last year against Langley to move onto the second round was like, and what his goals are this season.

How did you feel during Game 6 last year? 
Unbelievable feeling. I couldn’t even hear the final buzzer it was so loud when the game ended, it was crazy.

Being from Prince George, what is the support like in the arena? 
It’s crazy. It’s just electric in the Coliseum every night. You know the fans are behind you every night so it’s just thrilling to play there.

What leadership role are you expecting to take on this season? 
Being a third year player, I think I’ll be leaned on pretty hard here to show the new guys what to do, and how the league works. Just lead by example pretty much.

How do you like all the long bus rides that are included in playing for Prince George? 
For me being from Prince George and playing minor hockey here I’ve pretty much lived on the bus my whole career so it doesn’t affect me personally as much, but some guys coming in not knowing what the trips are like, and having bus legs, but being on the bus that long we tend to bond pretty well, and get to know each other so that helps us in our favour.

Having played with him before, what are your thoughts on Connor Logan? 
Oh he could always score. I know him decently well, I played on his team one year when I lived over on the island, so we know each other.He was a skilled forward, and you could always count on him to score big goals. Some secondary scoring this year would be key. 

What is your main focus this year? 
I just want to win. All I care about. 

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