Thursday, July 2, 2015

Returning Faces: Cole Todd

As the oldest member of the Prince George Spruce Kings, Cole Todd will be heavily leaned on this season both on and off the ice. Coming back for his third season with the team, Todd put up impressive numbers last year, and knows that he will need to boost those once again if he wants to earn a scholarship for down in the states.

In an interview, Todd talked about the past season, his plans for the summer, and little bit about himself.

How did you feel about last season?
I thought last year was a pretty good learning experience. We had a pretty strong team, and injuries did catch up with us but that’s not an excuse for anything. It was really nice to get over that first round because I know we’re the second team in ten years to do it, and I know the City of Prince George, and the fans really enjoyed it. Going into this year we know we can get past that first round, and we know what it takes to move on. 

What are the plans for this summer? 
Just got back from Hawaii. Hanging out with friends and family. Heading up to the Okanagan for a week, and then back to hockey. We have a cabin up on the lake in Vernon, so I get to have a couple days off there which is nice. 

Who's your favourite NHL team and why? 
I like the Washington Capitals with all their skill and speed, and the way Ovechkin plays. Barry Trotz has turned him into an all around player. He scores, he makes plays, he hits, and he’s not afraid to go to the dirty areas. That’s really appealing, and I try to look up to him, and how he plays the game. Then with LA, I watch Jeff Carter, and all those guys play, and they play a big man's game every night which helps them dominate in the West. 

With the addition of the Wenatchee Wild that means a twelve hour bus ride there. How are you feeling about all the bus rides this year?
It’s going to be long, but I enjoy it. There’s team bonding, and you get to hangout with the guys. I know some guys don’t like the long trips, but it’s something we embrace. We like to go on the road, and to go travelling, and it’s part of Prince George, plus it gives us the advantage in the long run for the playoffs and when teams have to travel.

 What are you expecting out of yourself this season? 
I guess I’m the oldest on the team, if not the oldest. I want to be looked at as a leader, and just lead the team on and off the ice. There are other guys that are twenty year olds, and other guys that are leaders, and just because you don’t have a letter on your jersey doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader, but you want to be looked at to lead the team in those tough times, and you want the rookies to look up to you, and know what’s expected on the team. 

What do you know so far of new coach Chad van Diemen?
I met Chad when he was first announced as the new coach up in Prince George, and I kind of got to talk to him during the Spring Camp. One of my good friends Jarid Lukosevicius who I played with since I was like seven years old played for Powell River, and he got coached by Chad so I kind of talked to Jarid, and Jarryd Leung who was traded to Prince George this past season was also coached by Chad in Powell River, so I kind of know a little bit about Chad, and I’m pretty excited. He’s got good connections down south, and he’s going to make us work, and hold the guys accountable in the dressing room which is a thing we need. 

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