Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Civic Light Up Thank You

Spruce Kings players at the Civic Light Up Hay Rides

The Prince George Spruce Kings have been trying to get out to as many events as possible this season and have been enjoying everyone they have attended. Whether it be a school visit or to help out with another community event, the players have taken on the challenge of making it a memorable event for all involved.

Last week the City turned on its Christmas Lights in the Annual Civic Light Up event in the Civic Centre Plaza. The Spruce Kings were invited to help out and showed up in full force wearing all three versions of their hockey jerseys. The players helped out with the hay rides predominately and by all reports did a fantastic job.

Following the event, the organizer took the time to send out an email containing specific accounts of where the players made a positive impact on the event. What follows is that email and my thanks for recognizing the contributions of the Spruce Kings in our community.

Thank you! to the Spruce Kings for participating in the Civic Light Up on November 28, 2012. The event was fantastic with 1,500 attendees, 900 cups of hot chocolate served and over 600 hay rides taken. I hope the team had the opportunity to have fun and they as always were a welcome addition to the event.

A Special Thanks to the chaps who helped to the young girl in a wheel chair on and off the hay ride and to the fellows who sang and danced during the hay rides.

Once again Thank You for making the Civic Light Up a special event for the community to enjoy.

All the best of the season to you and your families.

Jasmine Ferris

As a person who has been with the hockey club for as long as I have, this is the kind of stuff that just energizes the team from the inside out. The players this year have been exceptional and eager to do more of these types of activities to show their appreciation of the community that shows their support of the team.

This Friday (December 7), the Spruce Kings players will be on CBC Radio as invited guests to talk about the upcoming Annual Drop the Gloves and Sock It to 'Em game on Saturday night. I will post more information that event shortly but for fans of the Spruce Kings, this is one of those anticipated games every year where fans bring new gloves, socks and toques to be thrown on the ice when the Spruce Kings score their first goal.

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