Thursday, December 6, 2012

CNC Challenge Cup

CNC Challenge Cup - Fan Favourite Trophy

A long standing trophy in the Spruce Kings trophy case collected dust last year but has since been shined up and is ready to be put back into circulation.

The CNC Challenge Cup was a trophy that the Quesnel Millionaires and the Prince George Spruce Kings played for every season with their season series head-to-head matchups determining the winner. Last year, the trophy sat dormant with the Quesnel Millonaires folding in the off season and relocating to Chilliwack.

This year the CNC Challenge Cup has been shined up and will now be the Fan Favourite Trophy to be presented at the Annual Year-End Banquet and Awards Ceremony. Throughout the regular season fans will have a chance to vote for their favourite players with the player generating the most votes winning the award.

"This is a nice addition to the team's annual trophies," said Spruce King Communications Director, Ron Gallo. "I have always wanted to see a Fan Favourite Trophy so that the fans can have their say as to who their favourite players are. I want to thank the College of New Caledonia for their continued support of the Spruce Kings and their support of the Fan Favourite Player with the CNC Challenge Cup."

Fans will have a couple of opportunities every couple of weeks to vote with a ballot in the daily Game Day magazines as well as a weekly resettable poll found on the Spruce Kings Crusader blog. After January 10th, there will be some head-to-head battles as well. For more information, contact Ron Gallo in the Spruce Kings office.

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