Sunday, August 23, 2015

Returning Faces: Alex Brooks-Potts

After taking half the workload last season, Alex Brooks-Potts will be expected to take on a little more this time around. Entering his second year in the league, he put up a 11-14-0 record to work off from last year. This season sees an experienced group of blueliners playing, and all of them have some height on them, but Alex said he doesn't worry about seeing around them.

Allan WISHART/Free Press
How are you looking forward to trying to see around the big/tall defense in front of you this season? 

" It's always nice having size in the defensive core group. I don't think I'll have many issues seeing around them as their size will help clear opponents and sight lines towards the puck when the play is in our end."

What do you expect the strength of the team to be this season? 

"Our goal is to be a top team. We have a great group of returning players with lots of leadership, as well as many talented off season acquisitions. Everyone is prepared to work hard and battle for the top spot in the league."

How do the winters in Prince George match up against those back home in Ontario? 

"Last year was a mild winter compared to back home in Ontario. From what I've heard though, the winters can be very hash in Prince George so we'll see what this winter season has in store."

What did you get up to this offseason besides for hockey? 

"I spent a lot of time hanging out with family and friends. It's always tough saying bye to them for the year, but the hockey and people in Prince George make it more than worth it."

What genre of music do you like? What's your favourite song? 

"I like all kinds of music. As a guitar player, I listen to a lot of classic rock and blues, but I also appreciate a lot of modern music. It's hard for me to pick my favourite song, but some that I would consider would be "Free Bird", "Imagine", or "Bohemian Rhapsody"."

Do you have any goalies you model your game after? 

"I try to model my game after many aspects of goalies in the NHL. Overall, Carey Price and Jonathan Quick are the two I study the most."

Who is your favourite NHL team, and why? 

"When I was younger, my favourite team was the Colorado Avalanche because they had Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic. Today, I stick with the team that's closest to my home town and cheer for Toronto."

What do you think your greatest strength is as a goalie? 

"I think my biggest strength as a goalie is my lateral movement.  I worked on being explosive and as fast as possible this summer with my trainer, Adam Lloyd."

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