Monday, August 24, 2015

Returning Faces: Rider Stoglin

(Photo by Garrett James Photography)
Being from Colorado, winters in Prince George didn't faze Rider Stoglin. In fact, it made him feel right at home. In his rookie season last year, he put up 12 points in 53 games while playing a mostly defensive role on the team. While he prides his two way play, Rider is expecting to step up this season with a year of experience in the BCHL under his belt.

How did you like your first season with the Spruce Kings?

"My first year with the Kings was awesome. It didn't take long to get into a routine and become comfortable with all the guys on the ice. I think I had higher expectations for myself last year, but I would say I'm excited to push myself towards them this season."

Coming up from the states, what appealed to you about Prince George?

"Obviously Prince George is quite a ways from where I am from, but the thing that appealed to me when decided to play here was the way the staff treated me right off the bat. As soon as the opportunity to play here became a reality, I was welcomed by the entire staff even before I made my final decision."

What is your favourite thing about the city?

"My favorite thing about the city is the fans. Even though we have one of the smaller barns in the league, it's the best environment for us as players."

How do you plan to improve personally on last season?

"Personally, I plan on improving my offensive game this season and playing with more confidence. As a rookie last year, my role was much more defensive. I intend to improve on that but mix my offensive ability in there as well."

What did you think about Jake LeBrun being chosen as captain?

"I think that Brunner will make a great captain. He was definitely my number one pick headed into this season because of the way he carries himself, and the fact that he has the most  experience  on this team."

How do Prince George winters match up with Colorado winters? 

"Prince George winters are surprisingly similar to Colorado winters. Because the altitude is so high in Colorado, we get tons of snow as well. However, the biggest difference is that Colorado gets so much sunlight that the snow doesn't always stay around as long even though it's fairly similar in temperature."

Who is your favourite NHL team and why?

"My favorite NHL team is definitely the Avalanche just because that's where I'm from and that's who I've grown up watching the most."

What is your favourite hockey memory? 

"My favorite hockey memory was the first round of playoffs last year. Beating Langley at home in 6 was an awesome feeling."

Puck from Stoglin's first goal
What was your favourite experience from last season?

"My personal favorite experience from last season was scoring my first goal. It took too long to come but when it did, it was amazing. The building was so loud and it was just a special feeling."
(Goal was on December 5th, 2014)

What is your favourite genre of music/ favourite song? 

"I'm not sure that I have a favorite song, but my favorite genre is definitely country."

What kind of player would you describe yourself as?

"I personally like to think of myself as a two way forward. Someone that can add offensive ability but also can be trusted in a tight game late in the 3rd period."

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