Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Tournament Thoughts

Team Canada Captain, David Killip, goaltender Kris Moore and head coach Tim Kehler answered questions following the exhibition game with the MHL "Red Star" team and were also asked questions about the first days in the Russian capital. The following interviews have been posted in their entirety after being translated from the Russian website that they first appeared.

I have never interviewed Killip or Moore who play for the Salmon Arm Silverbacks but am pretty sure this isn't exactly how they would have answered the questions. This is more likely the result of an English to Russian translation at the time of the original interview and then the reverse translation for the purposes of reposting them here.

Team Canada Captain, David Killip
Maria Rogovskaya – What are your impressions of the "Red Star"?
David Killip – "Red Star" showed a very fast game of hockey. Frankly, we do not particularly know what to expect from this team. We have tried to realize their chances, but rival has surpassed us in almost all components of the game. Our guys are not accustomed to such. And the game system to them is completely different. There is no longer suitable developments that we use at home. This applies to both defense and defense. Here it is necessary to invent something new.

Maria Rogovskaya – Now you know what to expect from the "Red Star"?
David Killip – Yes, we have realized that this team assembled talented guys who know how good puck control. They feel each other on the ice, constantly on the move. And we do not keep up with them. For us it is a rewarding experience. And in the next game we'll look better.

Maria Rogovskaya – Do you know about the world champion among young people in the "Red Star"?
David Killip – We knew practically nothing about this team. This is further complicated our task. Now we know, for someone to follow in the next match.

Maria Rogovskaya – What is the "chemistry" of your team?
David Killip – We are a different club, but some guys have the experience of playing together. We represent Canada at the tournament, and it imposes an additional imprint on the result. As for the "chemistry", then every day it will get better and better.

Maria Rogovskaya – How do you like Russia and Moscow?
David Killip – Your country is different from Canada. But we are interested to come here and see how they live in Russia. Moscow is a stunning city. We visited the Kremlin, this is an incredible place. Not everyone has the opportunity to see it and we are happy that we got to.

Maria Rogovskaya – How do you sum up the game with Red Star?
Tim Kehler - We have received an introductory course on "what is Russian hockey." Our opponents played in the combination, fast hockey, constantly creating moments from our door and succeeded in the implementation.

Maria Rogovskaya – How long have you gathered in this lineup?
Tim Kehler - This game was the first for us in this format. Prior to that, we trained for four days at a base in Novogorsk.

Kris Moore holds the puck out as a Russian
player slides in to the net
Kris Moore – It was a very fast game, the Russians always in motion; in addition they are pretty big guys. But this was to be expected whenever Russian and Canadians meet, they always play great. Today, we are convinced of this.

Maria Rogovskaya – It appears you have not yet had time to adapt to the big ice?
Kris Moore – We really had to get used to the big box. Although I had little experience of performing at such ice. My first experience on ice of this size was a child. It seems that it is much larger than ours (laughs).

Maria Rogovskaya – And you where to try more ice?
Kris Moore – A couple of years ago I participated in a tournament in Switzerland, where for the first time and played on the big ice.

Maria Rogovskaya – What is the complexity for a goalkeeper?
Kris Moore – Russian guys intelligently controlled the puck, using the whole width of the ice and also did it all at high speed. I sometimes do not keep up with their movements. And they are great passers.

Maria Rogovskaya – Did you know that as part of your opponent played two of the world champion among young people?
Kris Moore – In "Red Star"? Have not heard about it. But this is contrary great that we were playing against opponents of such a high level. It was hard.

Maria Rogovskaya – As you are the arena in which you played today?
Kris Moore – I liked it. It is very different from the Canadian arena, the stands are located some distance from the ice. But I like it here.

Maria Rogovskaya – And the impression that Russia had already up?
Kris Moore – Excellent! Here, of course, everything else, but we were well received, we were warmly relate.

Maria Rogovskaya – How do you sights of Moscow?
Kris Moore – For us, already had a city tour. And in the Kremlin in general are all very beautiful. We were approached by people, all very friendly and we really appreciate it. We had to form Team Canada. Many people are interested in who we are and where. Hockey fans are everywhere! We really enjoyed in Moscow. We would like to visit sometime.

The references to the "World Champion among young people" is most likely for Nikita Pivtsakin, Dmitry Kostromitin, Georgy Berdyukov and Nikita Ivanov who have played against Canada in other International tournaments. Pivtsakin may be the most recognized name in the group having played in the 2008 World U-17 Hockey Challenge in London Ontario, the 2009 IIHF World U18 Championship and back-to-back World Junior Tournaments in 2010 and 2011 winning Gold in Buffalo this past January. Kostromitin played at the 2007 World Junior A Challenge in Trail, he also played in the IIHF World U18 Championship in 2008 and in the 2010 World Juniors in Saskatchewan. Berdyukov also played at the 2007 World Junior A Challenge in Trail and was a member of the gold medalist at the 2011 World Juniors in Buffalo. Ivanov has an impressive International resume having played in the 2007 U-18 World Championship and back to back World Juniors in 2008 and 2009 for Kazakhstan. Available team rosters on the Tournament Rosters posting.

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