Saturday, April 9, 2011

RJay Berra and Justin Fillion off to Russia

Well it is official and the boys are off to Russia. RJay Berra and Justin Fillion are two of twenty players that will represent the BCHL and Canada in an invitational tournament. Berra and Fillion have never had an opportunity to wear a Team Canada jersey but they do now and they are enjoying it.

On Tuesday the pair left Prince George, where they played the majority of their minor and junior hockey out of, for Vancouver and a first chance to practice as a unit with the rest of the players on the Team BCHL/Canada. It is here that we catch up with RJay as he is interviewed by Brent Mutis, the BCHL Communications Director.

Communications between RJay and Justin back to Prince George aren't expected to be easily accomplished as North American cell phones do not work in Russia. Eddie Gregory, the play-by-play voice of the Coquitlam Express, is on the trip as the media relations person for the team and will be trying to keep us all up-to-date with his BCHL in Russia blog. I too will be trying to pass along information as I find it.

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