Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Visit to Red Square

Only a couple more days before the boys representing the BCHL on Team Canada play in their first game in the Podolsk International Tournament. Here in BC, we are still waiting to find out who the first opponent will be for Team Canada and at what time they will play that first game on April 15th. In Russia, the boys are practicing and watching the other teams practice.

Today they are also taking some time away from the rink to take in some of the culture with a sightseeing venture into Moscow. One stop for sure will be the Red Square. Made famous for its military parades, the Red Square is situated in the heart of Moscow with the Kremlim on one side and Lenin's tomb on the other. In a display of a more modern commercial Moscow, the country's largest department store flanks a third side of the Red Square.

The Kremlim itself is a world heritage site and Moscow's most famous historical and political landmark. It is a "complex of cathedrals, palaces and government offices" with several buildings open to the public including the Armoury. If the boys go to the Lenin Mausoleum they will have to be on their best behaviour as the old world decorum for visitors is strictly enforced. Inside the Mausoleum stands the wax likeness of Vladimir Lenin; although some believe that it is actually the embalmed body of the notorious 20th-century Russian leader.

There is a long list of other potential attractions that the boys could include on their sightseeing tour such as the Russian Hockey Hall of Fame, the Cosmonaut Space Museum and a long list of other museums, churches and cathedrals. I'm so happy that RJay Berra and Justin Fillion are getting this opportunity of a lifetime and that the organizers and chaperons are making sure that they experience the culture as well as the sport.

Back to the sport and the games at hand ... the players have been assigned their jerseys and roles on the team and will continue to practice for the first of their three games in Podolsk, Russia. RJay Berra will be wearing number 24 and Justin Fillion will be number 3. Thanks to Justin, I have been able to include a handful of pictures from the trip so far.

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